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March Set for Sept. 29

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March in West Center City Will Call for Nonviolent Wilmington

The sixth annual March for a Culture of Peace will assemble at the Helen Chambers Playground at Sixth and Madison Streets. We’ll march north to Ninth Street before turning south on Jefferson and Washington streets to end the march with a public declaration of Nonviolent Wilmington at the historic Wilmington Friends Meetinghouse at 4th and West streets.

There we will be joined by city and state officials as we call for a new Nonviolent Wilmington and enroll our city in the Nonviolent Cities movement created by Campaign Nonviolence.

Let’s make this the strongest call ever for a new Culture of Peace in our city, count, and state. Gather your friends, your organization, your faith community, and all the villages that raise their voices for peace.

Make your commitment to nonviolence, to peace through justice, and to the principles of Gandhi and King. Join us on Sept. 29!

To learn more about Nonviolent Wilmington, go to

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