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Wilmington Peacekeepers Video

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Wilmington Peacekeepers were founding partners of the Movement for a Culture of Peace.

Enjoy this video about their work by Brother Caleeb Watson.


<p><a href=”″>It's all about LOVE! &quot;Wilmington Peacekeepers Assoc.&quot;</a> from <a href=””>CALEEB A WATSON</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>
<p>The Wilmington Peacekeepers Association is a multi-denominational, God-centered, ethnically diverse group of mostly men, and women, who have come together in an earnest effort to reclaim individuals and society from the brink of Catastrophe. First and foremost, The Peacekeepers are out to set things right with God, society and relationships. We are especially concerned with gun violence and the educational development of our young people.</p>


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