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Responding to Islamophobia

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Responding to Islamophobia

In the current political climate, Islamophobia has reared its ugly head worse than ever.

The Movement for a Culture of Peace (MCP) and Delaware Council on Global and Muslim Affairs are working together to present a program that addresses this serious problem.

On Jan. 31, you can learn how to respond in support of our Muslim neighbors.

We hope many of you will be there to hear what we can do to work together to build a culture of peace by spreading an understanding of Islam and by standing up against Islamophobia.Islam.Poster_web_ 96dpi

Download a print-ready flyer (pdf) on our Resources page—including a smaller version (jpg) to share on social media. If you have questions about this program or would like to volunteer for the Movement for a Culture of Peace, call (302) 656-2721 or email Delaware Pacem in Terris at




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