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March Effort Advances at Kickoff Meeting

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The 2015 March for a Culture of Peace got a big boost on August 22 when about 25 organizers and activists gathered at First Unitarian Church to learn about the march’s goals.

There was a positive reaction to the four Calls for Action that will be highlighted during the March. These are:

  • Build city and community support for the Hicks Anderson Community Center

  • Improve the city’s system of security cameras and monitor them in real time

  • Provide trauma intervention for children and youth in New Castle County schools

  • Support and fund a strong community policing program

The March route has been approved by the Traffic Division of the Wilmington Police Dept. The March will begin at 3:30 pm, Sunday Sept. 20, in Cool Spring Park, then follow a route through West Center City that includes the sites of several recent shootings. Marchers will return to Cool Spring Park for an Urban-Suburban Peace Rally.


Click image to enlarge or go to our Resources page for a pdf.

The March got a big boost with the offer by Rachel and Ainsley Gopie of Ainsley Pharmacy that their business would donate 5% of its September sales total to the Movement for a Culture of Peace in support of the March. Ainsley Pharmacy is the first business to co-sponsor the Movement. In addition to the cash donation, Rachel has arranged for four billboards to advertise the march for two weeks in key areas of Wilmington. Look for these billboards the week of Sept. 7. The web address forwards directly to the Movement for a Culture of Peace.

2015.09 billboard final

Donations are being accepted from both organizations and individuals to defray the costs of the March. These costs are estimated under $1,000. Tax-deductible contributions are being accepted Pacem in Terris and First Unitarian Church. All dollars go directly to cover March expenses. Donate online here.

Thanks to Chandra Pitts for the gallery of photos that appears below.


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