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Start the Count? Let’s Just Stop the Violence

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The first murder of the year.

A few minutes ago, I received the following email from Brother Bob of Wilmington Peacekeepers. Its immediate message speaks for itself.

Hello Everyone:
It is with a heavy heart that must inform you that one of our Board of Directors has lost his grandson to a terrible shooting this night.  There are very few details at this time and our peacekeepers are still at the scene.   I knew this uncle personally and he has done so much for our group that I pray for the entire family.  Sometimes when tragedy hits this close to home it just does not make sense.

The link below will give you what few details are known at this time .

I also want everyone to know of a renewed effort by the State of Delaware to enact new law to help with this problem.  The link below has the details and if you believe this is a good idea, please consider calling your state senator and tell them you support this type of action.

As of this time the Tuesday evening meeting at L.J.’s playpen is still on for all members on our email list.

In closing, it is with great sorrow and humility that I ask each of you on behalf of our directors to keep the peacekeepers in your prayers tonight and feel free to call us if you would like after noon on Tuesday and we may have more details.  Continue to follow the story in the News Journal.   A very very sad day.


Bro. Bob
The Movement for a Culture of Peace stands ready to support our brothers and sisters who are grieving tonight. We all grieve these senseless killings, this senseless violence. Please let us know what we can do in the days ahead to love and embrace our fellow Delawareans, our neighbors, and our children. For these are everyone’s children and we cannot put our own to bed at night without thinking of yours.

I detest the fact that this death is written about as the “first of the year” for our city. My heart breaks knowing that it won’t be the last. Let’s dedicate ourselves to creating a culture that doesn’t merely put another chalk mark on the blackboard every time a precious son, daughter, niece, or nephew is gunned down, then shrug its shoulders and accept that “that’s the way it is.”
It does not have to be this way. Together, through our movement, we can reject the idea that gun violence is a permanent fixture of our society—and that Wilmington is “Murder Town.”
Jeff and all the folks at Movement for a Culture for Peace.

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  1. George Higgins says:

    Hi Jeff, Please post also on our Facebook page with an expression of deep condolence. The webpage too at your discretion.

    Deeply saddened, George



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