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Wow. We did it!

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The March for a Culture of Peace was huge! Unprecedented! Awesome!

Estimates of the crowd ranged upward from 200 to about 400. We were too busy marching, chanting, and gathering support to count everyone. Now we’re ready to take our next steps.

The organizing team will meet on Tuesday to plan next steps and decide on key goal and future actions. We’ll be taking steps to build a permanent coalition for peace—so that every one of our more than 50 co-sponsors will be involved in preventing violence and creating a Culture of Peace.

Our Call to Action on Saturday included a dedicated homicide unit in the Wilmington Police Department and the creation of Safe Havens for our youth. We will create task forces for each of these action items and call upon you to help.

We’ll be building an email list and concentrating our social media presence. If you have not registered on this site, do so today at this page.

We’ll not rest until a broad fellowship for peace is working together to affect public policy, stem the tide of guns on our streets, and involve everyone in creating a new era in Wilmington—replacing fear with love and despair with hope.

Please enjoy these photos of the march and rally. It was a truly joyous occasion. We could not have done it without you.

Photographs by Tom Davis and Elizabeth Siftar. Click on first image to enlarge and bring up a slideshow.


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