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Countdown to the March

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With just three days left, here’s what you need to know about the March for a Culture of Peace:

  • The march steps off Saturday at 3:00 from Brandywine Park, 18th and Washington St.
  • Arrive at  the park by 2:45 to line up and receive instructions. A brief religious ceremony will be held before we march.
  • Park on city streets near the park. Don’t block residents driveways. You may park on 18th St along the park..
  • The march will be led by family members of the victims of violence.
  • They will be followed by a Memorial to the Lost, tee shirts carried by youth marchers. Other groups and individuals will line up behind these first two units.
  • Bring banners and signs that identify your organization or express your support for your neighbors.
  • Organize carpools with others from your group. Come early and leave one vehicle at the rally site to transport drivers back to their cars. Then go back to pick up the rest of your party.
  • Several vans will be at the rally site to transport marchers who cannot walk back to the starting point. They will shuttle back and forth.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Walk three or four abreast and stay together. The march route is a one mile and the rally will last about 40 minutes.
  • Carry some water. The weather forecast is for sunny and warm. Limited bottled water will be available at the rally site.
  • Enjoy yourself—sing, chant, and greet your neighbors with love.
  • A van will follow the march to pick up anyone who has trouble with the distance.
  • The Wilmington Police will stop traffic at intersections and monitor the march throughout its route. St. Francis Healthcare will have an ambulance on the scene.
  • No alcohol or drugs—and, of course, no weapons. We walk in peace.

Did you register yet? Click here if you didn’t.

Still need a reason to go? Watch Brother Caleeb Watson’s video from the co-sponsors kickoff meeting last Saturday.

Look for another post tomorrow with more information about the rally.

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Thanks to all of our co-sponsors. We love you!



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